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Aquanex, is an Extremadura company with more than 40 years of experience, whose head office is located in Mérida, and which is present in both provinces of the Community of Extremadura. As a shareholder, it is owned by the investment fund Ithaka Water, S.L. and by the leading group in the environmental sector.

Our DNA is clearly marked by the protection of the environment through the efficient management of the integral water cycle. In addition to ensuring that drinking water reaches homes in adequate levels of quantity and quality and subsequently collecting, purifying and returning it in optimal conditions to the natural environment, we are promoters of the transformation of the global paradigm that society is demanding to face large global challenges.

At the local level, we extend this service and transformation commitment to the development of the municipalities where we are present both through Aquanex and through our temporary company unions (UTE): UTE Servicio de Aguas de Plasencia, UTE Aguas de Montehermoso and UTE Aguas de Alburquerque.

Sustainable development is the basis of our management model and implies a way of understanding the business that contributes to generating shared value for all its relationship groups, including future generations. This approach obliges us to act according to the principles of corporate responsibility, that is, integrating not only economic variables into our management model, but also social, ethical and environmental variables and placing people at the center of our strategy.

Our vocation and respect for public service are the engine of our work, therefore, efficiency and transparency are the axes of the provision of a service that, in addition, we intend to bring all of you closer every day. Because thanks to your vision and opinions we can continue to improve day by day.

In these years of effective management, we have been able to increase the efficiency of operations while improving the services provided and launching new services based on digitization and innovation. All this from the commitment to sustainable development embodied in a Strategic Plan with a 2021 horizon and aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The deployment of this plan has allowed us to contribute to the fight against climate change, to the preservation of water, to the protection of biodiversity and to social advances in the human right to water, equity and health, among others. Thus, from the commitment to citizens, transparency, technological innovation and the sustainable use of resources, we address the challenges of preserving the environment and improving the quality of life of Extremadura and Extremadura.

All this with one of the lowest water rates in Spain, without forgetting the most disadvantaged, with rate discounts and the creation of a social fund to pay the water bill to the most vulnerable.

These achievements have been possible thanks to the alliances, the trust of our clients and the public-private collaboration that we maintain with the administrations and the work of the 310 people who make up Aquanex. A job that in 2020 still charges more value due to the excellent response that our human team has offered to guarantee a quality service in times of pandemic.


Ivan Jose Vicente Garcia
Director of Aquanex