Depuración General Aquanex

Wastewater treatment plant in Plasencia, Cáceres

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Wastewater treatment consists of removing impurities from used water. It is the step prior to returning the water to the natural environment with the least environmental risks, or to allocate it to other secondary uses. 

Our facilities

At each plant, the wastewater is treated and organic matter, inorganic matter, and the pathogenic microorganisms that are present in the water are removed before it is returned to the environment.The wastewater treatment process is comprised of the following stages: pretreatment, primary treatment or decantation, biological treatment, secondary decantation, and evacuation.

We treat over 14,603,595 m3 annually at 16 WWTPs in the towns of the provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres. 

  • Wastewater treatment plants in Extremadura

    • Alburquerque WWTP
    • Coria WWTP
    • Montehermoso WWTP
    • Hervas WWTP
    • Plasencia WWTP
    • Polígono Arroyo Caballo WWTP in Trujillo
    • Fuente del Maestre WWTP
    • Rosalejo WWTP
    • Higuera de Vargas WWTP
    • Talayuela WWTP
    • Jerez de los Caballeros WWTP
    • Valencia de Alcántara WWTP
    • Montepozuelo WWTP in Villanueva Serena
    • Arroyo de la Luz WWTP
    • Valdelacalzada WWTP